The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans in 2024

The Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans in 2024

Summer is finally here, and that means it's time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the great outdoors. But as the temperatures rise, so does the need to stay cool and comfortable. That's where the best outdoor ceiling fans come in! Not only do they provide a refreshing breeze, but they also add a touch of style and sophistication to any outdoor space. So, whether you're lounging on your deck or hosting a backyard bash, our review article has got you covered with the top picks for the best outdoor ceiling fans. Get ready to beat the heat in style and comfort with our expert recommendations!

Our Top Picks

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans Review


The size of the fan is an important consideration, as it will determine the amount of airflow it can produce. For larger outdoor spaces, you may want to choose a fan with a larger blade span, such as the Big Air 96" Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan. For smaller spaces, a fan with a smaller blade span, such as the Honeywell Ceiling Fans Belmar 50512-01, may be more appropriate.


Outdoor ceiling fans come in a variety of styles to suit different preferences and design aesthetics. Whether you prefer a modern look, such as the Monte Carlo 3MAVR70BK, or a more traditional design, such as the Hunter Brunswick 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, there are plenty of options available.


The materials used to construct the fan are important to consider, as they will impact its durability and resistance to outdoor elements. Look for fans made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or ABS plastic, such as the Minka-Aire F753-KA Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

Control Options: 

When selecting an outdoor ceiling fan, consider the type of control options that are available. Some fans come with remote controls, allowing you to adjust the speed and direction of the fan from a distance, while others may have wall-mounted or pull-chain controls. The Minka-Aire Java 54-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, for example, has a remote control that allows you to adjust the fan speed and direction from the comfort of your chair.

Energy Efficiency: 

Choosing an energy-efficient fan can help you save money on your energy bills while also reducing your impact on the environment. Look for fans with Energy Star certification, such as the Hunter Key Biscayne 54-Inch, which is designed to be highly efficient while still providing strong airflow.

Installation Requirements: 

Consider the installation requirements of the fan, such as the mounting type and the height of the ceiling. Some outdoor ceiling fans are designed for specific mounting types, such as flush mount or downrod mount, while others may require additional accessories for installation. The Hunter Brunswick 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, for example, is designed for easy installation with a standard downrod mount.


The motor is the heart of the fan and determines its performance and efficiency. Look for fans with high-quality motors, such as the Hunter Key Biscayne 54-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, which features a powerful and energy-efficient motor that is capable of producing strong airflow.

Weather Resistance: 

Outdoor ceiling fans are exposed to the elements and must be able to withstand rain, wind, and other outdoor conditions. Look for fans that are weather-resistant and designed for outdoor use, such as the Monte Carlo 3MAVR70BK Maverick Max 70-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, which is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and resist damage from wind and rain.

Lighting Options: 

If you require additional lighting for your outdoor space, consider fans that can accommodate multiple light fixtures or have customizable lighting options. The Emerson CF765BQ 60-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan, for example, comes with a customizable light fixture that allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your needs.


Some outdoor ceiling fans come with built-in lighting fixtures, providing both cooling and illumination in one convenient package. The Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50500-01 is a great example of a fan with a built-in light.


1. Can I use an indoor ceiling fan outdoors?

Indoor ceiling fans are not designed for outdoor use and may not be able to withstand exposure to moisture and other outdoor elements. Using an indoor fan outdoors can lead to damage or malfunction, so it's important to choose a fan that is specifically designed for outdoor use.

2. How do I choose the right size fan for my outdoor space?

The right size fan for your outdoor space depends on the size of the space and the height of the ceiling. As a general rule, a fan with a blade span of 52 inches is suitable for most outdoor spaces, while larger spaces may require a fan with a larger blade span.

3. Can outdoor ceiling fans help keep bugs away?

Some outdoor ceiling fans are designed with built-in insect repellent features, such as a light that emits a certain wavelength of light that mosquitoes and other bugs find unattractive. However, it's important to note that no fan can completely eliminate all bugs, so additional bug repellent measures may be necessary.

4. Can outdoor ceiling fans be used in covered outdoor areas?

Yes, damp-rated and wet-rated ceiling fans can be used in covered outdoor areas, such as patios or screened-in porches. However, it's important to make sure that the fan is installed in a location where it will not be exposed to direct rain or other outdoor elements.



Once you choose the right outdoor ceiling fan that meets your needs and preferences, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable outdoor space all summer long. Whether you prefer modern or traditional styles, large or small fans, or fans with built-in lighting, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs.

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