How to Keep Birds Away From Patio

Cheery chirping greeted the patio's creation, vibrant companionship on sunny days. Before long though, flocks descended in droves, pecking at everything set out and scattering crumbs with careless abandon. While wild neighbors bring joy, territorial trespassers serving themselves to my table prove too much. The time has come to shoo rather than greet feathered friends and reclaim the space as my own. Keep reading to learn how to keep birds away from patio.

How to Keep Birds Away From Patio?

Use Humane Spikes: 

Spikes are most effective for simple roofed areas like gazebos or porches with flat ceilings. Place them along ledges, railings or anywhere birds frequently roost to rest, especially at dawn and dusk. Spikes deter rather than injure, encouraging birds to seek out unprotected spots instead.

Use Humane Spikes

Motion-Activated Sprinklers: 

Random bursts of water startle birds and convince them to avoid the area. Place multiple sprinklers for the best coverage, especially in corners and along walls where birds often enter. Be prepared for some false alarms, but birds quickly learn to steer clear of the patio.

Visual Deterrents: 

CDs, balloons, pinwheels, predator decoys (fake owls) and netting placed at entry points catch the sun and movement, tricking birds into believing there are already large birds occupying the space. Change/move the deterrents every few weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Audio Deterrents: 

Noise from radios, ultrasonic repellents, motion-activated noisemakers and predator calls/whistles deters birds in a humane way. Keep the volume at a level that startles nearby birds without annoying patio occupants. Move electronic deterrents to different areas of the patio periodically.

Bird Netting: 

Bird netting or mesh placed overhead and secured to railings or posts at different heights prevents birds from accessing the covered area altogether. Ensure any light fixtures, vents or doorways remain uncovered to avoid creating other access points. For complete coverage, hire a professional to install high-quality netting.

Bird Netting

Feedaway Spray: 

Bird repellent sprays contain a bird-only perceptible oil that causes nausea and discomfort. Apply as directed, especially to roosting and nesting spots as well as entry points. Reapply after rain for several hours of continued protection from birds.

Habitat Modification: 

Remove access to food sources, roosting spots, nesting sites and shelter. Trim or remove any trees, bushes or structures where birds frequently roost nearby. Pick up fallen fruit from the ground and secure trash/compost in sealed bins. No Longer an attractive place to feed, roost or raise young, birds depart the area naturally.


By following guide here, we hope you can find the best and most effective way to keep birds away from your garden and patio if you don’t want to be interfered with. 

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